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Sweet & Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Image of Sweet  Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil
25.4 oz. bottle:
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At Napa Valley Naturals, each year our Sweet & Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from select olives grown on pristine orchards in the finest growing regions. These olives are handpicked and cold pressed late in the year when they are golden green in color, yielding a late harvest oil that is light in color and smooth and sweet in flavor. You can pour this delicious olive oil over pasta or use it in salad dressings. It is ideal for recipes that call for a lightly flavored oil that won't distract from the delicate nuances of your cooking.

First Cold Pressing, Acidity at Bottling 0.5% or Less, Cold Pressed at Temperatures below 98.5 degrees, Kosher.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Please note: This oil is unfiltered to maximize flavor. Cloudiness may occur under cool conditions. For best results store in cool dark place. Do not refrigerate.